Glömp10 exhibition and book is made by 15 comic artists, 2 collectives and 4 composers from Finland.


Sami Aho
Jan Anderzén
Benjamin Bergman
Roope Eronen
Jyrki Heikkinen
Reijo Kärkkäinen
Jarno Latva-Nikkola
Hanneriina Moisseinen
Tommi Musturi
Pauliina Mäkelä
Aapo Rapi
Anna Sailamaa
Katri Sipiläinen
Janne Tervamäki
Amanda Vähämäki



Amon Düde
Fricara Pacchu

Tero Niskanen

Minna Hjort

Benjamin Bergman

Additional illustrations:
Jari Vaara

Tommi Musturi

Supported by:

Finnish Fine Arts Academy Foundation
National Council For Design
  SAMI AHO (b. 1976, Helsinki)

Pilots Galax Publishing and does performances along with the six-piece collective The Doozers. He also teaches comics for kids in art schools. Sami is currently working on a new graphic novel that's scheduled for late 2008.

Read the following:

Tähti / The Star
Väritön maailma (self-published)
Glömp #2, #3, #6 & #8 (Boing Being, Finland)
Galax #1-5 (self-published)

>>> Kutikuti




"A cacophony or heavily affected percussion, damaged electronics, primitive vocal experiments, a swirling sonic chaos, clattery and explosive, jagged and head spinning."

>>> Musical excerpt



  JAN ANDERZÉN (b. 1978, Tampere)

Guides music of Tomutonttu as solo and Kemialliset Ystävät as band. You can see Jan's art for example in Nazi Knife and Glömp.

>>> Kemialliset Ystävät
>>> Tomutonttu
>>> Tuusanuuskat
>>> Fonal



BENJAMIN BERGMAN (1980, Helsinki)

Son of Anita and Börje Bergman, brother of Anu Bergman, boss of Kutikuti collective. Lifts The Thing. Chief of Kutikuti.


Bema Nyys, 9/08 (Boing Being, Finland)
Kuti newspapers (Kutikuti, Finland)
Nazi Knife (Nazi Knife, France)
Orang #6 (Reprodukt, Germany)
Glömp #8-9 anthologies (Boing Being, Finland)

>>> Kutikuti





"Spaces of creation, reckless performances, improvised stuff, good things, universum things, more and more plus all the time, proding and all that at different directions." The Doozers is a six-people improvisation collaboration formed late 2005. Group's work contains live performances, paintings, sculptures, comics, illustrations and animation. Work on different fields of art combine's members' different backgrounds. The Doozers' live performances are accompanied with sounds by orchestras Maniacs Dream and Avarus while the group encourages the audience to participate in making. The group shares a common vision of freedom being the main inspiration for creation. The performances and works are defined by the place of making and the materials consist of items that people throw away. Up to date, The Doozers' exhibitions and performances have been seen in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Holland and Finland. At the moment they are working on multiple animations, full-length movie and two books that are all scheduled for year 2008.

>>> Duuserit webworld



  ROOPE ERONEN (1982, Turku)

Proactive dork who digs waterfalls. Besides his work as visual artist and Roope performs solo as Nuslux and together with bands Avarus, Maniacs Dream and Pylon. He is also one of the founders for experimental music label Lal lal lal.

Get these:

Kuti newspapers (Kutikuti, Finland)
Nazi Knife #3 (Nazi Knife, France)
Smittekilde #9 (Smittekilde, Denmark)
Jape's Comic Club 1-2 (self-published)
Glömp #5-6 and #8-9 anthologies (Boing Being, Finland)

>>> Portfolio
>>> Lal Lal Lal




Fricara Pacchu started out his musical career as a rapper (Imukoira Koiruli) in The Backdoor Funkers. The BF managed to get one album ready just before they never saw each other again, causing changes in all members. This might be the reason why Pacchu has only been able to work with instrumental sounds ever since. A chain of collabo-rationalizing was to follow in groups such as The Anaksimandros, Slow Convulsion, Rorererot, Avarus, Multi-Spatial Love Band… but not until the birth of techno-rock-trio Maniacs Dream was Pacchu able to find all the fundamental particles of his shattered inner plectrum. Hence, the music on this 7” is the consequence of using a plectrum. It is pretty good for doing parkour but it can also help you forgive and respect (if you want to). The second track was recorded after having a conversation with a man and a girl. “Stories of the Old” also contains 42 pages packed with Pacchu’s visual scribblings that might make you fall asleep after every page (because it’s soo beautiful). Pacchu has previously released three cassettes. “Where do you go after you’ve single-handedly destroyed the entire canon of recorded psychedelic musics? Into techno, apparently.”

>>> Excerpt from Midnight Pyre -CD

>>> Lal Lal Lal
>>> Fonal



  JYRKI HEIKKINEN (b. 1958, Kuopio)

"Search for the footprints of the dead man! they said to me. I believed it all, always. Ended up on a dunghill, bottom of the barrel and in the forest that I never found a way out from." Jyrki Heikkinen is a poet and a comic artist born in city of Kemi in Norhern Finland. His short comics has been published in almost all Finnish anthologies since 90's. His first graphic novel called 'Punajäkälä' ('Lichen Planus') was published by Asema Publishing year 2005 and gained praise in Finland and abroad. Heikkinen's style is lyrical and his stories often tell about anti-heroes who try to keep up with the strict pace of the modern world. He is also an acknowledged poet in Finland, first collection of poems being published 1984. He lives with his wife and three children in Kuopio.

Read these:

Punajäkälä / Le lichen rouge (Asema, Finland / 5C, Belgium)
Glömp #2-9 anthologies (Boing Being, Finland)
Tohtori Futuro (Asema, Finland)
Lucifer (self-published)
Laikku #2, #4 & #6 anthologies (Asema, Finland)
Onto Walls (self-published)

>>> Asema




Kiiskinen is actually Niskanen, which makes sense and tasty food + plays banjo.

>>> Lal Lal Lal



  REIJO KÄRKKÄINEN (b. 1964, Kuopio)

Visual hack: fine arts, exhibitions, comics and illustrations. Works together with the French arthouse Le Dernier Cri. Father since 2006 and amateur organic farmer since 2003.


Robocop of the piss factory visit kungfu bingo (Le Dernier Cri, France)
Pielavesi (Le Dernier Cri, France)
Money Tox (Le Dernier Cri, France)
Glömp #8 (Boing Being, Finland)
Kuti newspaper (Kutikuti, Finland)

>>> Le Dernier Cri



JARNO LATVA-NIKKOLA (b. 1977, Helsinki)

Won the Scandinavian Strip Comics Competition year 2005. After ten years of participations in numerous anthologies, his debut graphic novel 'The Master of Emotions' was released year 2007. The book is a humorous and anarchistic trip into a dark side of a relationship. The imaginary principal character, named Jarno Latva-Nikkola, tries to improve his stale relationship by pretty original means. When this antihero (after unexpected turns) gets to know the true Master of Emotions, laws of love take new more logical shape. It's a love story lost with one hundreth of a second and boiled in black humour.

Recommended reading:

Tunteiden maisteri / The Master of Emotions (Huuda Huuda, Finland)
Patto #1-4 anthologies (Patto, Finland)
Glömp#1-6 & #8 anthologies (Boing Being, Finland)
Sarjari magazines (Tampere Comics Association, Finland)
Galago anthologies (Galago, Sweden)
Pieni seikkailukirja #1-2 (self-published)

>>> Kutikuti




Visual artist born in Joensuu. Won the Nordic Comics Competition 2006 and became 3rd year 2008. Also winner of The Competition of Social Comics 2007.

Read the following:

Sen synty (Arctic Banana, Finland))
Glömp #3, #5, #8-9 anthologies (Boing Being, Finland)
Galago -anthology (Galago, Sweden)

>>> Hanneriina's website



TOMMI MUSTURI (b. 1975, Juupajoki-Helsinki)

Tommi Musturi grew up in an army base
, and later in a small village in Juupajoki. After studying graphic design in northern Finland he is currently working on his MA studies in the University of Arts and Design of Helsinki. His artistic work is strongly graphic and almost silent. He utilizes symbolism to take reader through themes of nature, loneliness and humanity. Drawing style changes fluently from one to another to serve the story itself. His work has been presented in over 50 exhibitions around the Europe. Besides comics his artistic work include painting and performances plus illustrations for children books, fanzines and art books. Musturi edits Glömp and works in 12-people studio collective Kutikuti. Currently he has been working on a book based on a character called Samuel.


Concrete Floor (Boing Being, 2007)
The 2nd Book of Hope (Bries, Belgium / Like, Finland / 5C, Belgium)
Moving Plastic Castles (Boing Being, 2006)
Stand Alone and Smile (Boing Being, Finland)
Autiomaa Kis-Kis (Boing Being, Finland)
The 1st Book of Hope (Bries, Belgium / Like, Finland / 5C, Belgium)
Italo Sport (Boing Being, Finland)
Kuti #1-7 newspaper (Kutikuti, Finland)
Glömp #1-9 anthologies (as an editor) (Boing Being, Finland)

>>> Boing Being
>>> Kutikuti
>>> Huuda Huuda




PAULIINA MÄKELÄ (b. 1981, Helsinki)

Graduated in 2005 from the Institute of Design in Lahti with a degree in graphic design. Since then she has been working as an illustrator and comic artist in Helsinki. Pauliina is the current chief editor of the experimental comics newspaper Kuti. Her debut comic album 'Karnevaalit' was awarded at the annual Finnish graphic design competition Vuoden Huiput in 2006. She is also the winner of the 2007 comics competition organized by the Fumetto festival in Luzern, Switzerland.

Publications and participations:

Mystic Session Vol. 1 (Kutikuti, Finland)
Don't Don't Don't
Karnevaalit / The Carnival (self-published)
Kuti -newspaper (Kutikuti, Finland)

>>> Kutikuti
>>> Napa Books




Nuslux plays good-humoured and chilled out electronic minimalism by mostly self-built analogue instruments. The result is a celebration of sound waves, dry pulses, and harsh harmonies. The Main Mission is to try to get (back) near the listeners ear.

>>> Lal Lal Lal



AAPO RAPI (b. 1976, Helsinki)

Aapo was born in eastern Finland in the village of Savitaipale. His first graphic novel, Pullapoika (Doughboy), was unanimously praised by critics because of its hilarious story and abundant visual style.

Pullapoika is a story about a factory owner’s son who gets kicked out of home. A naive and simple person thrown in a cold and ignorant world, he seems similar to many others of Rapi’s characters who often are outsiders of same kind: smalltown lunatics, elderly people, winos, loners and so on.

lives in Helsinki, teaches comics to children and shares his workspace with eight colleagues of Studio Kutikuti. Lately he has been doing a collection of stories about his grandmother called Meti which got released April 2008.

This is what you should read:

Meti (Arktinen Banaani, Finland)
Pullapoika / Doughboy (Napa Books, Finland)
Kelomökkien mies (Kutikuti, Finland)
Salcov #1-2 (self-published)

>>> Kutikuti




Piirustuskerho (Drawing Club) is an open commune that has been exhibited in Finland, Belgium, Holland and USA. The group focuses in creating images by improvising. The work contain drawings and animations.

>>> Piirustuskerho



ANNA SAILAMAA (b. 1979, Helsinki)

Winner of the Nordic Comics Competition 2007. Born in Tornio and studies comics in University of Arts and Design of Helsinki. Joined Kutikuti studio spring '08.


Sarastus -anthology (Kemi Comics Center, Finland)
Glömp #9 (Boing Being, Finland)
Sirkus Arkus -anthology (Lahti Comics Department, FInland)

>>> Kutikuti



  KATRI SIPILÄINEN (b. 1979, Turku)

A visual artist, painter who is ready for gypsy life. Able to set up a fireplace and fires.


  JANNE TERVAMÄKI (b. 1968, Punkalaidun-Helsinki)

Published his first comics in the beginning of 80's in the acknowledged Finnish anthology Suuri Kurpitsa (The Great Pumpkin). He stopped making comics for years and continued again after meeting his colleague Tommi Musturi in the University they both were studying. Tervamäki's work is strongly graphic, often wordless. His stories do not base on traditional narration but may use for example theories of quantum physics. His work deals with themes of existentialism, emptiness and apocalypse. At the moment he works in Helsinki as a comic artist and an illustrator.

Read the following:

Glömp #5, #6 & #8-9 (Boing Being, Finland)
Kuti #1-5 (Kutikuti, Finland)

>>> Kutikuti



AMANDA VÄHÄMÄKI (b. 1981, Helsinki)

Moved recently to Helsinki to join Kutikuti collective and studio. She is also a member of the Italian collective Canicola. Being a winner she won international comics competition Fumetto in 2005. Apart from Canicola's publications she has drawn short stories for Strapazin, Forresten, Orang and Glömp. You should start with the novel Campo di Babà (“The Bun Field”, 2005) that has also been translated into French, Swedish and Finnish.

Recommend reading:

D&Q Showcase Book Five (Drawn & Quarterly, Canada)
Pullapelto / The Bun Field (Daada, Finland / Canicola, Italy)
Souvlaki Circus, with Michelangelo Setola (self-published)
Canicola anthologies (Canicola, Italy)
Glömp #8-9 (Boing Being, Finland)

>>> Canicola
>>> Kutikuti


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