The works for the GlömpX-exhibition are being produced. To get a better view on what will come out early next year, please see and read the following plans from our artists.

Sami Aho
Jan Anderzén
Benjamin Bergman
Roope Eronen
Jyrki Heikkinen
Reijo Kärkkäinen
Jarno Latva-Nikkola
Hanneriina Moisseinen
Tommi Musturi
Pauliina Mäkelä
Aapo Rapi
Anna Sailamaa
Katri Sipiläinen
Janne Tervamäki
Amanda Vähämäki

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"My work is a painting that can be viewed from three different angles. It is made from wooden boards. Narrow boards are attached to a larger board in the right angle to provide the background for a comic strip. Viewers first approach the work diagonally from the left and see the first picture, then move on to looking straight at the work to see the second picture. Finally, they see the third picture, which appears when approached diagonally from the right. This way, when they pass by the painting, they experience a story conjured up by three pictures."

"The blanket is my picture diary from a period of six months. My aim was to each day draw one black-and-white frame in which an animal character somehow illustrated something that had happened on that day in the outside world or in my head. I drew the pictures on patches made from recycled sheets, which I then sewed together into a blanket."


"My work is a distorted picture painted on an MDF board. Looked directly at, it seems like an abstract painting with its colour surface, but viewed from a particular angle from the side, it turns out to be a comic strip with three overlapping frames. The comic has no text, speech or onomatopoetics. In the pictures, two characters from my comic Troll-on turn their head. The story, which is created by the movement of the characters' heads, is based on the notion that people move their head when they try to make sense of space and when doing that, something disappears from around them, out of sight, and something new meets their eye. The idea is based on the humour of silent movies which is conjured up by subtle facial motions."


"In my 3D comic, I want to explore the connections between and the possibilities of three-dimensionality and the layers of time in a story. To do this, I would create a series of strips which would come together in three-dimensional space to make up a network of different layers of time.

My comic is interactive. It comprises four strips of 3 to 4 frames drawn on the four sides of rotating cubes. The reader is able to turn the cubes to get four different versions of each strip. The story is built so that the comic makes sense any which way it is organized. The meaning of the strips changes every time they are reorganized. The printed version for the book will work in a similar manner if the reader cuts the page in four.

The change of viewpoint in the different formats of the work is a narrative device which interests me."




"My work is based on a comic poetry experiment of mine. For the past few years, I have been exploring ways to combine poems and comics. I will build a piece the first image and form of which come from a one-page picture poem I published in the free comic paper Kuti. This multi-voice and multi-character work comprises a number of nested speakers, characters, who are either entirely or partly inside each other. There is no chronology, so it can be read starting from anywhere.

I use wire, pearls, wood and acrylic paint. The work is roughly the size of a trunk, it consists of a single piece, and it is to be placed on a table or a pedestal. I call it a sculpture. Its basal area is roughly 50cm x 70cm. The characters of the comic are partly inside and on top of each other. I have created them out of wood, chicken wire, paper pulp, wire and toy parts. The texts are inserted into wooden balloons, which are read top-down as usual. The comic can be read from both sides, making the characters talk differently of the same subject depending on the side. The work will be such that it has to be examined from different sides. I will create nested characters."

"My piece is a set of photographs on three-dimensional cardboard boards. I will stage cardboard tableaux of my paintings. In the tableaux, the characters come to life to chant and conjure.

My work has two structures built on large wooden foundations. The piece to be hung on the wall is a collage introducing a supervisor who gives instructions to ordinary people. Below, there is a city with houses, roads and cars, and a few balloons and characters. One of the walls reads ´Let's be careful out there.´




"My exhibition piece presents two paths of a man who has been released from prison. He cannot influence the paths himself. In the end, the man kills himself.

The first path is read from left to right in the western way and the second path is read like a manga. In a two-dimensional world, three-dimensional characters interfere with the main character's life and have an influence on how the story ends.

The piece is comprised of squares attached to an approximately 40 x 60cm wooden board and paper pulp characters. It is about 15cm tall."

"The comic is called If Something Remains. It's in a tent, on the inside walls there are 22 sewn pages decorated with lace and gold yarn. The story is about a fictional, Finnish heavy metal band The Dark Trolls. In the comic the band is interviewed, and their music video is played in a television's music programme.

The comic is a 40cm tall cocoon with a diameter varying from 0.5 to 30cm. It is made of wire, lace, plastic diamonds, among other materials. The comic begins in small holes on top of the cocoon and ends in large holes at the bottom. The holes are the frames of the comic strip. The comic is read in a spiral, by walking around it in the reading direction. The cocoon will be placed on a pedestal in the middle of the space and small lamps will be inserted in it to illuminate the veil-like structure.

My aim is to create a comic which is astoundingly overwhelming in its contrasts and which moves easily from the colourful but shallow lightness of popular comics towards the dark forest and inevitable destiny. "



"I will create two three-dimensional pieces for the Glömp10 exhibition.

The first is an entity comprising four three-dimensional comic pages. The pages are placed between four transparent plates of 21cm x 21cm in four different layers. The page entities are approximately 2 cm tall and follow the chronology of traditional comic narrative. Three-dimensionality is manifested in the narrative in different layers of time and space - on the pages the parts of the comic travel from the depth to the surface and back. The strip is based on a comic character of mine, Samuel, who is a ghost-like, expressionless character commenting on the world through his actions. In the strip on display, he gets different shapes in space and time, constantly falling into pieces and reforming into a new shape. I illustrate the perishability and cycle of life. For the book, parts of the work will be scanned.

The second piece will be created on the surface of an old globe. Its basis is the same as that for my first piece. I depict the cycle of life on the globe as a never-ending comic strip. Instead of a map, I draw the world as I see it. I portray elements of power - money, religion and the individual, for whom systems are built. In the book, the second piece will look like an atlas, as the surface of the globe. "

"My work is influenced by shadow theatre. I will make small shadow puppets out of cardboard which are illuminated against a circular curtain approximately 1,5 m high. Some of the characters are moving and some are still. The static figures will be lightened with separate spots and the moving ones will be mounted on a spinning mobile with a light source in the middle. The curtain will be made out of different kind of fabrics in different shades of white and light colours, creating a patchwork landscape with a variety of characters reacting to the shadows, together creating the narrative."



"My work is a three-dimensional animation on an LP player. In a night club spinning in the middle there is a gleaming strobo light which brings a group of Plasticine characters alive. The piece creates an illusion of poor wretches meeting each other under the colourful lights. In the book, the work will be complemented with a longer story placed in a liquor store."

"I will build out of wood and paper an artwork consisting of two hollow cubes that are on top of and attached to each other. The sides and support structures of the cubes are made of wood and the walls are white paper. The two-layer piece is approximately 60cm tall and 30cm tall. A lamp will be placed inside to light up the square-shaped paper walls. On the walls of the cubes there are eight pencil drawings. In the top ones, a little girl is running and in the lower ones the runner is a rabbit. They have been drawn on paper, inside the cube, as a mirror image and they will be lit by a lamp so that they can be seen from the outside."



"I will create characters from white-burning clay and build two levels separated by a plexiglass water surface. The character standing on the upper level is looking at the character on the lower level. The events will take place in the same space; changes of the same character.

The piece itself is a two-shelf cupboard that can be opened. The characters are made of clay by burning and painting. The colors used are earth colors, except for one character that will be painted bright - maybe neon - blue. I will also use twigs that I picked when I was an artist in residence on the island of Kökar.

Downstairs lives a frog-like character that has a bear hand-puppet."

"My comic mixes drawings and photographs. It has no beginning and no ending and no frame sequence that should be read chronologically. It is an illustration of memory.

The work itself contains normal two-dimensional drawings the pictures of which can be viewed as puzzle pictures. Thus the comic has two levels that intertwine in a way that depends on how the viewer observes them.

It is the same in the book and in the exhibition."



"My story is a unique horror story. I intend to build five diorams in five boxes. The diorams build a story. The boxes will be made of thick used books by cutting their insides partly out. I will also make use of lightning and the properties of the boxes, for example the format of a book with its opening covers becomes a concrete part of the narrative."