"One could develope it... There’s this paradise and it has been explained so that in the moment the picture the world is still evolving and all the things and creatures are for the time being hazy and nameless and beyond words and mind, in state of becoming. And I think this work of ours has the same vibes... so?"

So, what happened is that we are doozing around.

10/06/06 Turku 2-20/06/06 Haarlem 11-13/05/06 Halle 1-27/03/06
11-12/02/06 7-8/01/06 Helsinki 3-4/12/05 5-6/11/05
10/06/06 Turku
Sami Kevin Jarno Bema Roope Tommi
So far we've been going around like this:

3/3/07 "Peace Dragon" LIVE! (Nuoren Voiman Talvipäivä, Helsinki, Finland)
10-19/12/06 "Vision Dream" LIVE! (Bozar, Brussels, Belgium)
10-31/10/06 "Eden in Sweden pt. 2" (Serieteket, Stockholm, Sweden)
23/9/06 "Building a Car" LIVE! (Helsinki Comics Festival, Helsinki, Finland)
6-21/9/06 "Manseparty 2 - Eedenin mätitulva" (Myymälä2, Helsinki, Finland)
18/8/06 "Eden in Sweden pt. 1" LIVE! (Kultur Festival, Stockholm, Sweden)
1-15/8/06 "Manseparty 1 - Rotvallir' reunall Eerenissä" (Pispalan nykytaiteen keskus, Tampere, Finland)
10/06/06 "Hörhöt rulez!" LIVE! (Olohuone, Turku, Finland) 
2-20/6/06 "Finse Strips" (Stripdagen, Haarlem, Holland)
11-13/5/06 "Der Eden" LIVE! (Comic Meets Theater, Halle, Germany)
1-27/3/06 "Huomenta Eeden" (B-Galleria,Turku, Finland)

Some downloads:

Press release in Finnish (PDF, 325 kb)
Press release in English (PDF, 325 kb)
Some promotional images in high resolution (6 photos, 35 Mb)

Some more dates for 2007 coming up. And yes, LIVE! in here means performance with some sounds by Maniacs Dream and Avarus. The audience is free to join it all. Yes man!. Coming up is a book and an entertaining 90 minute movie that we'll shoot during summer. We'll add some buzzs here when done. We recorded some but in the end there was no mic. Thanks to all people helping us - playing, photos, video, painting, carrying you know. Hugs. Welcome to internet.

Invite us to your neighbourhood: tommi(at)boingbeing.com
Latest update 25.3.2007