Benjamin Bergman

E-mail: benberg(at)

3.3.1980 - Born in Kirkkonummi.

1985 - Illustration to an article about the kindergarten in Masala for Kirkkonummen Sanomat.

1993 - Illustration to an article about the Aleksis Kiven school in Siuntio for Västra Nyland.

31.5. 1999 - Graduated from Helsinki's senior secondary school of visual arts.

14.8. 2000 - Started package design studies at the Design Institute of Lahti Polytechnic.

2001 - Self-published comic BenjaminBergmancomix 2001 at the annual Helsinki comics festival.

2001-2003 - School exhibitions in Antinsali gallery in Lahti.

2001-2003 - Performance art in the group Hämärä no. 5 as alter ego "Solar". Gigs in Torvi in Lahti, Monttu in Joensuu, Factory and The Cable factory (Helsinki cityfestival 2003) in Helsinki.

2002 - The last page story about Hans Nissen in issue 4/2002 of Image magazine. The actual photo in Image was me. Hans didn't want to be in the magazine so we intendedly designed the mess-up.

14.8. 2003 - Untitled video art in Häme gallery in Lahti

5.5.-1.9. 2003 - A graphic designer in Design Studio Muotohiomo ltd. Process exhibition in the museum of modern art Kiasma. The tapestry in the exhibition was made out of silhouettes of myself and Aki Suvanto.

2004 - Thesis about packages designed for recorded music in the most popular formats. Exhibition in Design Institute consisted of album covers done in pixel graphic.

1.5.-31.5. 2005 - Bepa & Stondis : 970cms of paintings. Paintings - acrylic medium - in coffee house Kola with Tommi Musturi.

10.9.-31.9. 2005 - Pitkäsfäärinen supermelli. An exhibition in mBar connected to the Helsinki comics festival with Roope Eronen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola and Amanda Vähämäki. Pencil drawings.

1.-27.3.2006 - Huomenta Eeden. The first exhibition in Eden series, B-gallery (Turku)

12.-13.5.2006 - Eden Project Live. Comic Meets Theater - Kunst und Rebellion, Thalia Theatre, Halle, Germany.

22.5.2006 - Short story 'Pepsi & Jaffa' published in Glömp8 anthology.

1.-4.6.2006 - Doozers in Eden. Second Eden exhibition, Stripdagen, Haarlem, Netherlands.