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The very last issue in Future series. That's it. Won't spoil anything. Ten years in making and five years in drawing.

The 2nd last issue of FUTURE series presents 'The Exhibition' of the bohemian bunch that the reader has seen building something through the back issues. Features horrible nightmare, our magician making his final decision, evening in Centra and a very smiley future. The wholesome is getting to its end, or does it?

Future series are closing halfway (ten issues coming in total). This fourth issue presents the bohemian artist collective gone underground while art has been made illegal. Meanwhile, read what an angry AI would like to do with you, how are the sounds of today and what's happening some thousands of years from this moment inside that giant plastic bag that's somewhere up there in thermosphere. Also more explanations on the dream town Centra and its citizens.

Tommi Musturi's new comic is a weird science fiction epic FUTURE that's published as a serie of 10 magazines. The wholesome wraps its reader inside a confusing net of stories that happen on several time levels and locations throughout the universe. In all FUTURE tells stories on possible futures of the mandkind. Musturi depicts future by showing past, present and upcoming. FUTURE also takes place in illustrated utopias, dystopias and ideal. Soon after its start the sci-fi spectacle turns into images of a giant plastic bag and its aimless travels through space – at the same time in our near future all business is taken over by a corporation and a drugged couple running it. 24 pages in blasting colours. Weird Sci-Fi!

Long awaited 2nd Samuel graphic novel. This one is bit different from the first book - different ways of narration, more ideas, more stuff, indeed LOTS of stuff so you can read it multiple times. On the other hand it's PURE Samuel-book thats weird twists and psychedelic forms and colours will make you drool. That's 160 pages in full bloom, all mute, edition of 800 pcs. This book will be released in English Spring 2017 by Fantagraphics with the title 'Simply Samuel'.

BONG42 - TROLL-ON 4 7 EUR / $10.00 ***SOLD OUT***
Fourth part in Troll-On series, bigger A4-size, colour burst on glossy & shiny & bad smelling paper - will do the right thing! Three yo-yo's have been done wrong by an evil robot that seems to have an appetite for human hair. It is time for our heroes to do what they do best besides playing flute and do a gigantic favour to the unhappy yo-yo's. Contains some graphic violence and no nudity. Recommended to the bald and the beautiful! Bigger and badder! 28 pages in colour, edition of just 300 pcs!

An apocalyptic science fiction story in which the existence of mankind is revealed in it's full awkward bloom. Janne made his first comics beginning of 80's for anthologies such as Suuri Kurpitsa. Best kept national comic secret! 28 pages in colour, edition of 400 pcs.

5 EUR / $6.50 ***SOLD OUT***
Our artists have been synced to time: it's September 2011 and that means a new baby Troll-On is born! Already third part following absurd adventures of our two goblins, except now there are theree of them. Monkey business as usual, while "something green" seems to threat them. 28 pages, in colour, A6 size, edition of 500 pcs. Btw, the first part is almost sold out, less than ten copies left!

BONG36 - TROLL-ON II 5 EUR / $6.50 ***SOLD OUT***
Oh shit. This is what we've been waiting for - a sequel to the Finnish best-seller Troll-On. Epic in A6. New Age Kalevala, including two gnomes with their horse, camels, snakes, one barbarian and his busty love. That's all the mankind needs! Edition of 500 pcs.

BONG34 - GLÖMPX 28 EUR / $35
***SOLD OUT***
10th issue of Glömp is a trip to 3-dimensional comics, last book edited by its founder Tommi Musturi. This is also +10-years-anniversary issue of the anthology - big bang, colourful hardcover baby that features 15 Finnish artists. This book is another half of the whole GlömpX project that we've been working on for past 12 months. The other half is an exhibition that will be touring around Europe 2009-2010. And if that's not enough, the book features a CD with exclusive soundtrack by Amon Düde, Nuslux, Kiiskinen, The Hoopo and Fricara Pacchu.

Featured artists: Sami Aho, Jan Anderzén, The Doozers, Roope Eronen, Jyrki Heikkinen, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Tommi Musturi, Pauliina Mäkelä, Aapo Rapi, Anna Sailamaa, Katri Sipiläinen, Sonja Salomäki, Janne Tervamäki and Amanda Vähämäki.

This books weigths over one KG so be aware of the shipping costs. Edition of 1000 pcs.

***SOLD OUT***

Yet another small publication from Tommi Musturi is a collection of his teenage drawings from 1986-1992. As the title shows this magazine deals with death. On the other hand it's a portrait of a frustrated teen living on the Finnish countryside, listening to metal, skateboarding and drawing. There's lots of skulls and dead people in this release. You can consider this either 'funny' or 'disgusting'.

Benjamin Bergman's first own publication presents a wordless stumbling of likeminded dwarfs in a fantasy world. See them go bonkers for the giant's pot that will come the bass drum for their pot's and pans -orchestra! And along their adventure they seem to rescue a village from a bat-like monster! Joyful, childish and cartoonish! If you've liked Bema's work in Kuti and Glömp you'll most likely dig this too. 28 pages in A6 size, edition of 600 pcs.

BONG28 - GLÖMP9 25 EUR / $40 ***SOLD OUT***

308 pages mostly in colour: Jan Anderzén (FIN), Benjamin Bergman (FIN), Andrea Bruno (ITA), Lilli Carré (USA), Mark Delong (CAN), The Doozers (FIN), Roope Eronen (FIN), Christopher Forgues (USA), Jyrki Heikkinen (FIN), Kwon Yong-Deuk (KOR), Lamelos (NED), Lee Jung-Hyoun (KOR), Bendik Kaltenborn (NOR), Reijo Kärkkäinen (FIN), André Lemos (POR), Jason Mclean (CAN), Ilan Manouach (GRE), Hanneriina Moisseinen (FIN), Tommi Musturi (FIN), Anders Nilsen (USA), Florent Ruppert & Jérôme Mulot (FRA), Aapo Rapi (FIN), Anna Sailamaa (FIN), Olivier Schrauwen (BEL), Michelangelo Setola (ITA), Katri Sipiläinen (FIN), Rui Tenreiro (NOR), Janne Tervamäki (FIN) and Amanda Vähämäki (FIN). Edition of 1000.


Second part in Tommi Musturi’s sketchbook series. 24 pages from around the world with thin line. It's all blue. "I think children would see many things in these drawings.” (mother). Edition of 600.

16 EUR / $21

Our first international issue, containing 22 artists from 13 nations. 196-page book including Tom Gauld, Nicolas Mahler, Åsa Grennvall, Jeffrey Brown, Meirav Shaul, Mathieu Christe, Helge Reumann, Giacomo Monti, Bart Schoofs, Marcus Nyblom, Giacomo Nanni, Jan Solheim, Till D. Thomas, Maria Isenbecker, Isabel Carvalho, Kevin Huizenga, Pedro Nora, Jessica Khane, Davide Catania, Frédéric Poincelet, Anneli Furmark and Sara Varon. Glömp7 is again a co-release with Hurry. English translation included! Edition of 800.

Story about one good life and few deaths. Tommi Musturi’s 2nd own publication and first part of Books of Hope series. 48 pages in two colours and English. Edition of 500 pcs. NEWS MAN! Bries did 2nd edition of the book! Thanks Ria!

After two years break we finally present the sixth issue of our "hope-to-be-annual" anthology Glömp. By introducing 25 artists, Glömp6 gives you a glance of what's going on in Finnish and Swedish comics scene, this all still going on beyond thematical boundaries. The album includes 27 graphic short stories from the following artists: Sami Aho, Terhi Ekebom, Roope Eronen, Jyrki Heikkinen, Heta Ilmonen, Merja Järvelin, Marko Kalliokoski, Ina Kallis, Inari Kylänen, Heikki Lahnaoja, Anna-Kaisa Laine, Knut Larsson, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Marko Latva-Nikkola, Tommi Musturi, Marcus Nyblom, Camilla Pentti, Ville Pynnönen, Henna Raitala, Ville Ranta, Jenni Rope, Jouko Ruokosenmäki, Janne Tervamäki, Jari Vaara and Mikko Väyrynen. You can also ask the album from the following fellows of us: Cumbersome (Au) C'est Bon (Swe) and Top Shelf (US). Glömp6 is our another co-release with Hurry. English translation included! 1st edition of 800, 2nd edition of 300.

BONG18 - SPACE ROCKET : bez kalhotek 10” 12 EUR / $15.50

Oh this joy! - a brand new release from our very own Space Rocket, including 12 tracks recorded during one furious weekend on the summer of 2002. Serves the whole family, combining elements from jazz to noise, from kraut to improvisation, and as usually... ending up some distant place out of the map. This is the soundtrack of the year, composed for a movie never filmed. “Space Rocket are fucking brilliant! (and I hope they use this bit of the quote.)” (Robots and Eletronic Brains), “...they go way beyond any labeling. ...Recommended!” (Broken Face). Edition of 300.

Our annual anthology of comics, this time as massive 156-page album presenting 22 Finnish artists. Season of the Suns including works of: Jan Anderzen, Roope Eronen, Jyrki Heikkinen, Heta Ilmonen, Mikko Jylhä, Merja Järvelin, Jussi Kaakinen, Marko Kalliokoski, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Marko Latva-Nikkola, Mika Lietzen, Raine Liimakka, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Tommi Musturi, Jarkko Nääs, Miia Ojanen, Camilla Pentti, Jenni Rope, Vilja Takalo, Janne Tervamäki, Hjalle Uitto and Mikko Väyrynen. “Suffusing it all is a sort of hallucinogenic primitism, but the overall level of accomplishment is staggering. Excellent.” (Permanent Damage), “It’s a beautiful anthology!” (Top Shelf). English translation included! Edition of 700.

BONG12 - SPACE ROCKET : hot gadulka suicide 7"EP *** SOLD OUT ***
"I choose to not put any kind of sticker on it since they go way beyond any labeling." (Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face), "nice stuff; walking bass lines, cool melodies, s’kinda lounge jazz... hey! there’s a dildo, hand farts and a drill as extra instrumentation! A sense of humour, I like that in a band." (Steve Hanson, Ptolemaic Terrascope). Edition of 200.

BONG10 - IN-WALKED BLANK : songs that time forgot 7"EP 2 EUR / $3
"Is this a compilation or one band? Could be either." (Ian C Stewart / AUTOreverse), "Few bands can make their tunes interesting enough NOT to need vocals, but this trio lets the instruments do all of the talking." (Andrew Magilow / Splendid). Edition of 300.

BONG8 - WARSER GATE: fallen legions, not me MC ***SOLD OUT***

BONG6 - KAPTEENI PERKELE: Oihreita 7"EP 2 EUR / $3

BONG4 - THE BLUBBERHEADS: Traumance 7"EP 2 EUR / $3

BONG2 - THE BLUBBERHEADS: So Long, Sanity 7"EP 2 EUR / $3

Future series are getting nearer to its end. Read the storylines getting wrapped, tied, looped &twisted – a new life begins, the rich get poor, science fails to explain our world, the day in Centra falls into night, magic taking place and all that and yet a bit more. Writing this we've got reprint of issues #1–3 as well available. Peace!

See the rich getting poor, cities decay into dust, hardons being possible in the future too, earth rotating, life ending, diamonds melting, human smiling (again), kites on the sky, kites on the sky, be reborn. That's the 7th issue of Future universe that you will be part of. MAIL TO IDA!

Visions on upcoming, bad dreams, boring monologues, future trash investigations, cavemen and -women, ancient feelings, digital takeovers and all the else in full-bloom of all the colours of CMYK. Remember: all 10-issues subscription to Future costs 60 eur.

In the fifth issue of the serie the several storylines start to get twisted. What might be underneath the lost city of Centra? Who has built the series of world tormenting AI? What happens, when a normie spectator finds himself as a drugges star of The Reality Show?

Third issue continues the storylines that started in the two previous ones adding new twists & turns and densing the net. Read what happens on earth after few thousand years have passed, what belongs to daily routines of The Lady running the world few decades from this moment, what are the plans of worldwide artificial intelligence IDA and what might the lost city of Centra look like.

The second issue of FUTURE adds new spices in the soup – several new storylines start and future seems to be even more complicated! FUTURE surprises with great variety of styles, both in its art and narration. Each level of the story with different style of drawing. The styles themselves carry on messages through the wholesome, while the reader is shortly taken through a distant forest into the lost timeless city of Centra. Babyfaced IDA, an artificial intelligence that seems to have connection with the seemingly random events but also the actual publishing of the magazines. In all FUTURE is a startling piece of comic art. 24 pages full of colour. Weird Sci-Fi!

We made finally second printing of this long-time-sold-out classic. And if that's not enough it now has 24 additional pages, new covers and artist's retouch here and there. Together with the new Samuel novel they make a sister and brother. Edition of just 500 pcs so better grab hold of this modern gem.

BONG41 - THE HEAD 5 EUR / $6.50 ***SOLD OUT***
Yet another wordless picture book from Tommi – that's an absurd trip to somewhere close to abstract. Drawn spring 2012, printed with few colours on coloured papers, 52 pages, edition of 500 pcs.

5 EUR / $6.50
Collection of Tiina Lehikoinen's sketchbook drawings. Good mix of stuff and techniques. Wild stuff indeed. 28 pages in total, all in colour, A6 size - similar to Troll-Ons in fact. Features great drawing of a smiling octopus.

3 EUR / $4 ***SOLD OUT***
I wanted to do something small and here it is. 16 pages of undergroundish small drawings in A6 size. Black and white mostly, psychedelic says the crowd, just normal says me. Read: collection of sketchbook drawings from Spring-Summer 2011. Edition of 500 pcs. 

***SOLD OUT***
This is a new wordless book I worked for the past three years. It came out as I wished so I'm happy. The story itself is about a ghost-like character called Samuel, a pale fellow, almost transparent to the world around him. He travels through different places and states of mind. Every act is a statement. It's about freedom and humanity. As I wrote this the book is already out besides Finnish in German, French, Swedish and Portuguese. I think I'll continue to do some more books with Samuel but with very different approach to him.

BONG31 - PAPAROAD 5 EUR / $6.50
A new publication from on one of the most hardest working artists in Finland. This is a wordless comic, chase of one man and a tragedy that ends up into the light. Heikkinen shows it's possible to grow up to be a humane being before you die. He is a poet and a comic artist while Paparoad is an example of the more free side of his artwork.

***SOLD OUT***

Here we go again, finally. Proudly presenting The Doozers' book, made together with Danish Smittekilde (Greetings!). Presents The Doozers' house as meant to be. 58 pages in size of 140 x 200 mm, silkscreened in multicolour on thick paper. Makes people laugh, cry and express other emotions - the doozway. Edition of 200 pcs. Get it now or do something else. Most likely won't be sold by your local dealer.


This is one big mess. 24 pages in A4 size printed on green paper. Vol. 3 in Tommi Musturi's sketchbook series. Edition of 600.

***SOLD OUT***

Another small publication by Tommi Musturi. 24 pages' colour burst. Collection of images drawn after a dream about the moving plastic castles. Edition of 600.

***SOLD OUT***

232 pages of new Finnish comics in full colour featuring
Sami Aho, Benjamin Bergman, Roope Eronen, Jyrki Heikkinen, Ina Kallis, Anna-Kaisa Laine, Jan Konsin, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Ville Loponen, Piirustuskerho, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Tommi Musturi, Pauliina Mäkelä, Jyrki Nissinen, Henna Raitala, Katri Sipiläinen, Kasper Strömman, Janne Tervamäki, Jari Vaara and Amanda Vähämäki. Edition of 800, sold out. I don't have the money to print more. You may find some copies from our distributors.

***SOLD OUT***
First part in Tommi Musturi’s sketchbook series. 24 thick pages in full colour. Images of degeneration of western civilization. “What comes to desert, there hugging resembles stabbing.” Edition of 400 pcs.

BONG21 - SUURIN ONNI: s/t LP 14 Eur / $18

“I only compose music that makes me feel home” says Kusti and yes, that is exactly how this record will make you feel. Being around for eigth years, we finally proudly present the band’s debut album. By sounding nothing but themselves they perform gentle free improvised jazz with folk influences - three calm horns with occasional outbursts wander above hypnotic five-piece rhyhtm section. These are timeless compositions that will most likely put smile on your face and save your day, week and year. Edition of 400 pcs.

BONG19 - ITALO SPORT - your free-form spurt 3 EUR / $4
***SOLD OUT***
Italo Sport, your only sport – an interplanetary odyssey to world of twisted sports, erotism of mullets and TV-Shop enthusiasm, all in tight fit of 28 2-color pages size of 21 x 9 centimeter. "This the closest I can get to humour" says the author and wipes a lonesome tear from the corner of his eye. Yes, it’s yet another comic release and, as usual, English translation is included. Edition of 1000.

BONG17 - AVARUS : luonnon ilmiöitä 7” ***SOLD OUT***

Their first 7” release in addition to the pile of sold-out cdrs – one strong organic sound as primitive odyssey to psyched out folk. Served here as two new pieces, featuring mouse, cuckoo and bear. Get yourself one when it’s still possible with decent price. “Avarus are a Finnish group, somewhat in the vein of the early Godz in full freak mode. Their first single is a real handful of beauty. Using a muse found deep in the woods this collective base their sound on fumbling lurches of folk-rock drug groove, interspersed with weevilly keyboard stuff and quite extraordinary, persistent yowling. It reminds me of some tapes Kendra Smith once gave me of her semi-acoustic tribe up in Northern California, but it's a lot more Finnish sounding, if you know what I mean.” (The Wire) 1st edition of 300, 2nd edition of 200.

BONG15 - PYLON : keep your melody hands on my burning gems 7"EP ***SOLD OUT***

"If this one is any indicator there are plenty of reasons to investigate their back catalogue more closely." (Mats Gustafsson / Broken Face), "Damn good stuff." (Gayle Brogan / Boa Melody Bar). Edition of 200.

BONG13 - PYLON : rocks and whips CDR 5 EUR / $8

"If you didn’t have a headache already, you will." (Ryan Tranquilla / Splendid). Edition of 200 with silver print.

BONG11 - WARSER GATE / CAN CAN HEADS : split 7"EP 2 EUR / $3

"A pleasurably unsettling record." (Joe M, / Speeder), "Boing Being has sniffed out some appropriate contenders and released havoc…" (Andrew Magilow / Splendid). Edition of 400.

BONG9 - MOUTH ODOUR: "refrigerator" 7"EP 2 EUR / $3
"Jaksan ihmetellä, miksei meillä ole enemmän Mouth Odourin kaltaisia yhtyeitä…" (Janne Mäki-Turja / Mutiny!), "Mouth Odour play distinctly offbeat punk pop varying in style from minimal to complex and all the way through to noise." (Ken MacKenzie, Hiddinkulturz), "Fast, bizarre and uncompromising music which yet has melodies, feeling and drive." (Mikko Lappalainen / Elysium). Edition of 300.

BONG7 - SPACE ROCKET: como siempre MC ***SOLD OUT***

BONG5 - THE BRATS: Night Of The Gorilla 7"EP 2 EUR / $3


BONG1 - MOUTH ODOUR: s/t 7"EP 2 EUR / $3


Future, single issue (#1–10) - 6 Eur / USD
Future, all 10 issues - 60 Eur / USD
Unlimited Lives - 10 Eur / USD
Suurin piirtein Samuel - 25 eur / $30.00
Samuelin matkassa - 25 eur / $30.00
Mary Shelley vs Dracula - 5 eur / $6.50
The Lonely Inspector - 5 eur / $6.50
Paparoad - 5 eur / $6.50
The First Book Of Hope - 12 eur / $15.50
Suurin Onni 12" - 14 eur / $18
Italo Sport - 3 eur / $4
Space Rocket 10" - 12 eur / $15.50

Shipping included with Future orders, for the rest it'll be added.
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